Space Camp Presenters

Chris Amundson– Lead teacher of the STEM school within the Sparta Area School District.

Laurel Brandt– Licensed pilot; retired teacher from the Sparta Area School District who taught mathematics, computer programming, and aerospace science; and museum board member.

Lynn Edwards-Food and Nutrition Supervisor at Mayo Clinic Health System Franciscan Healthcare Sparta, WI.

Dr. Dawn Kopacz- Professor of Practice in Meteorology and Climate, Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

Mark Lee– Retired NASA Astronaut, with a Master’s of engineering from MIT, completed 4 successful space shuttle missions.

Oakley Moser– Teacher of physics, digital electronics, and AP physics at the Tomah Area School District with a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics and physics.

Nate Newby- NASA scientist at Johnson Space Center focusing on human health in space.

Alaine Olthafer- Pilot, certified flying instructor, manager of the Platville WI airport, and owner of her own flight business.

Michael Purucker- NASA Planetary Magnetosphere Lab chief, Solar System Exploration Division, Goddard Space Flight Center.

Larry Scheckel– Retired physics teacher with the Tomah Area School District with a Master’s degree. Known as “Mr. Science” and is famous for the hundreds of science presentations he’s done over the years.  Also a Deke Slayton Museum board member.

Amy Schreiber- Youth services librarian at the Sparta Free Library.

Alyssa Young –Executive Director of the Deke Slayton Museum, bachelor’s degree in music education from Luther College.


*List of presenters is subject to update/change without notice.