Space Camp Presenters

Chris Amundson– Lead teacher at the STEM school within the Sparta Area School District.

Laurel Brandt– Licensed pilot; retired teacher from the Sparta Area School District who taught mathematics, computer programming, and aerospace science; and museum board member.

Andrea Connell- NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Mars rover Perseverance programmer from Holmen, WI.

Dr. Simon Gilroy– Professor of Botany at UW Madison, working with NASA on plant growth on the International Space Station.

Dr. Dawn Kopacz- Professor of Practice in Meteorology and Climate, Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

Mark Lee– Retired NASA Astronaut, with a Master’s of engineering from MIT, completed 4 successful space shuttle missions.

Oakley Moser– Teacher of physics, digital electronics, and AP physics at the Tomah Area School District.

Michael Purucker- NASA Planetary Magnetosphere Lab chief, Solar System Exploration Division, Goddard Space Flight Center.

Natalia Roberts– Senior Lecturer Global Cultures and Languages UW-La Crosse

Larry Scheckel– Retired physics teacher with the Tomah Area School District. Known as “Mr. Science” and is famous for the hundreds of science presentations he’s done over the years.  Also, a Deke Slayton Museum board member.

Aimee Schreiber- Youth services librarian at the Sparta Free Library.

Alyssa Young –Executive Director of the Deke Slayton Museum.


*List of presenters is subject to update/change without notice.