Moon Rock

The Deke Slayton Museum is home to the only piece of moonrock on display in the entire state of Wisconsin! It is on display as part of the Ambassador of Exploration Award, not only does this moon rock honor Deke Slayton, but it also honors the entire space exploration legacy.

To commemorate the 35th anniversary of human exploration of the Moon, NASA created the Ambassador of Exploration Award in 2004. Recipients of the award include all astronauts from the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions in recognition of their dedication and sacrifice for the national goal of space exploration. The award includes a piece of moon rock, and each award recipient selects a museum or other educational institution where their awards are publicly displayed in their name to help inspire a new generation of explorers.

In 2006, Deke Slayton’s Ambassador of Exploration Award was posthumously bestowed to his widow, Bobbie Slayton, who chose the Deke Slayton Museum as the permanent home for the award. Over the years our piece of the moon has been seen and enjoyed by tens of thousands of visitors, inspiring people from all walks of life.